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José Fermín Fernández, flamenco guitarist from Granada, born in the town of Iznalloz.

José Fermín Fernández, flamenco guitarist, was born in 1995 in Iznalloz, Granada, in the heart of a family of flamenco artists, where he began self-taught to learn his first measures.


José Fermín Fernández, flamenco guitarist from Granada.

His professional training began at the age of 20 in the tablaos and flamenco caves of Granada, where he acquired the necessary tools to accompany singing and dancing with the guitar.

Soon after, he joined the staff of the tablao 'Casa del Arte Flamenco', where he accompanied great figures such as Belén López, Miguel "El Rubio" or Karime Amaya.

In 2016 he is invited by the bailaor Juan Andrés Maya to the famous Madrid flamenco tablao "Corral de la Morería", where he coincides with artists such as "El Perrete" or the bailaora Belén López.

Winner of the Bordón Minero at the Festival de las Minas de la Unión and first prize at the Certamen Nacional de Córdoba.

It is in 2019 when he marks a before and after in his career as a guitarist, winning two of the main international flamenco competitions. This event stars one of the most resounding chapters in the flamenco scene in Granada. Thus achieving the Bordón Minero of the Festival de las Minas de la Unión and the first prize in the prestigious Certamen Nacional de Córdoba.

His playing has accompanied great flamenco figures such as 'Potito', 'La Nitra', 'Guadiana', Sergio 'El Colorao', Jaime 'El Parrón', Marina Heredia, Manolete, 'La Farruca', 'El Farru', 'El Carpeta', Rafael Amargo, Antonio Canales, Luis de Luis, Pepe Torres, Gema Moneo, Juan Ángel Tirado and Antonio Campos.

He is currently the main guitarist at Casa Ana, where he accompanies dancers such as Raquel Heredia 'La Repompa', José Núñez and Saray Fernández 'La Pitita'.

In addition to performances in clubs, theaters and halls, José Núñez is also dedicated to the teaching of this beautiful art, giving courses throughout Spain and abroad (Italy, France, Poland, Russia, Afghanistan, Ecuador, China, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland)...

She currently resides in Granada, where she directs the Flamenco Tablao Casa Ana and sharing the stage with artists such as Gema Moneo, Fuensanta 'La Moneta', Paloma Fantova, Pastora Galván, Karime Amaya or Pepe Torres.

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  • Adriel A.
    Hands down one of the best flamenco shows I've been to. There's a bar along the side to enjoy a glass of wine or beer before the show starts. The venue is small, so most seats have a good view. We had the pleasure of meeting the stars of the show, they were such incredible people.
    Adriel A.
  • Ana F.
    A unique place in the center of Granada. A flamenco tablao with an impeccable decoration and image and above all, exquisite artists. In addition, you can drink some wines right there. 100% recommended for flamenco lovers visiting Granada.
    Ana F.