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Flamenco Tablao in Granada

Casa Ana is a venue offering flamenco shows in the centre of Granada. We are located next to Plaza Nueva, the heart of the city. This is the meeting point for passers-by coming and going from the Paseo de los Tristes, the Alhambra, the Cathedral and Calle Elvira.

Our greatest wealth is our artists.

For this reason we have a cast of the best figures of the moment, coming from great flamenco and gypsy families, such as Raquel Heredia 'La Repompa', Saray Fernández 'La Pitita', José Fermín Fernández or José Núñez, among many other great artists.

What makes us different and special is the union of a large space with its own identity: elegance, artistic discipline, soniquete, compás, race, art, sensations, passion... Feeling the need to express and shape flamenco in a welcoming, intimate and friendly atmosphere.

Its director, José Núñez, a dancer from Cádiz with more than twenty years of experience in the world of flamenco, has been able to combine everything he has experienced in theatres and tablaos all over the world to offer the best flamenco show in Granada.

Casa Ana is the only flamenco tablao in Granada in theatre format: the curtain, the lights and the sound make the spectator enter fully into the flamenco show, connecting with the artists and letting themselves be carried away by a torrent of emotions that leaves no one indifferent. All this without leaving aside the implicit improvisation of a good flamenco show.  

Granada, cradle of flamenco.

Through dance, guitar playing and singing, the spectator can feel the centuries of history that traditional flamenco treasures. Granada is one of the places where flamenco has been able to develop and preserve this art from the mixture of the different cultures that have passed through this land.

With its own stamp, an experience in a flamenco tablao in Granada is a must for anyone visiting the city. It is, perhaps, the most deeply rooted part of Andalusian culture, a sign of identity for the rest of the world through various international recognitions such as the declaration by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

Do you want to live an experience with the best flamenco tablao in Granada?


We work every day to offer you the best flamenco show.

Passion for flamenco.

Tradition and purity.

In the heart of Granada.

Elegance and mastery.

An unforgettable spectacle.

With more than 20 top artists!

We offer every day the best flamenco show in Granada.
We are waiting for you!
  • Adriel A.
    Hands down one of the best flamenco shows I've been to. There's a bar along the side to enjoy a glass of wine or beer before the show starts. The venue is small, so most seats have a good view. We had the pleasure of meeting the stars of the show, they were such incredible people.
    Adriel A.
  • Ana F.
    A unique place in the centre of Granada. A flamenco tablao with an impeccable decoration and image and above all, exquisite artists. In addition, you can have a few wines right there. 100% recommendable for flamenco lovers visiting Granada.
    Ana F.
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Casa Ana - Flamenco Centre - Tablao
Calle Cárcel Alta, 7,
Granada, (Granada).

Shows and classes: +34 858 71 47 53
Groups: +34 633 40 44 13